Total SaaS Spend Management

SaaS is eclipsing Healthcare as a top company spend. Managing today’s app proliferation with yesterday’s Finance and IT controls isn’t working.

Quolum Spend Management is a new approach to discover your SaaS apps, report utilization, and recommend savings.

Get 360 Spend Visibility

Quolum captures and visualizes all SaaS spend and utilization, looking across payment channels, standard and shadow apps, and compliance checkpoints, to help prioritize spending decisions.

Get 360 Spend Visibility

Manage Vendor Risk

Get dynamic vendor scorecards. Automate diligence with reminders. Secure contracts with a digital locker.


Going beyond initial due diligence, when vendors’ performance changes, Quolum automatically alerts you to take timely actions.


Quolum has out-of-the-box scorecards to document and track vendor engagement on multiple dimensions.


Every contract in your SaaS vendor ecosystem can be stored in Quolum’s secure contracts locker.

Benchmark Your IT Consumption

The best companies follow the most optimal SaaS consumption practices. Quolum provides benchmarks to compare spend across peers, renewal timelines, departments, and workflows.

Join the waitlist

We’re rolling out Quolum in Summer 2020. Please get in touch if your teams would like early access.