Spend Confidently + Responsibly

As software powers work eating up budgets as never before, Quolum is a new control plane to drive responsible spending and consumption.

Conserve Cash and Balance Growth

Businesses need SaaS as never before but are wasting 30%+ or more of their spending due to over licensing, low use, wasteful services, and bad contracts.

Quolum helps Finance and IT eliminate excess spending and redeploy capital to grow more effectively.

Dynamically Optimize SaaS Consumption

While the right apps help drive value and productivity, businesses continue to overpay for apps that users don’t use at all, use rarely, or use redundant variations of the same.

Quolum helps Finance and IT substitute, switch, sunset, and apply SaaS resources to what matters most to the business.

Your Control Plane for SaaS Consumption

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Today's SaaS universe is powering business survival and growth more than ever before. Quolum helps you manage your SaaS universe with new tools to discover apps, report utilization, and get cost savings at scale.

Product Features

Get 360 Spend Visibility

Get 360 visibility across all your apps. Forecast future SaaS spend. Govern with specialized compliance tools.

Manage Vendor Risk

Get dynamic vendor scorecards. Automate diligence with reminders. Secure contracts with a digital locker.

Benchmark IT Consumption

Get benchmarks to compare SaaS spend with industry peers. Manage timely renewals. Plan capacity in advance.

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